• Wholesale

    Are you interested in selling our products in your store or online? We offer small minimum quantity and short re-stocking time for our retail partner. Please reach out for further information about our wholesale price and conditions.

  • Custom Products

    There are unlimited way to create beautiful towels. We help you design and produce your original items.

  • Product Development

    Collaborations with partners are always the moments we get experimental and inventive. We are knitting specialists and the options are not limited by the range of items we offer on this site. More specifically, we specialise fine gauge knitting with flat bed knitting machine… Don’t worry, we can explain further in detail, when you get in touch with us, so do not please hesitate, just tell us about your ideas.

  • Business Customers

    You are in restaurant/beauty/wellness business or a host of a airbnb guesthouse? We love and admire creative people in hospitality and food service. With our products, we want to help adding your business a personal touch in details. Custom product or repeat order, we provide individual support according to your needs.

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