About our knitted terry cloth towels

We are proud to offer towels that are not only comfortable and stylish, but also sustainable and eco-friendly. One of the key ways we achieve this is through our unique manufacturing process, which allows us to knit our towels in a single process. This means that we produce less waste compared to traditional manufacturing methods, because we do not need to trim our towels after they are knitted.

  • flying towel in the air tree in background

    Elastic, lightweight and absorbent

    Our towels are made with elastic, lightweight fabric that's highly absorbent. The more you wash them, the more absorbent they become. Plus, the fabric stays soft and gentle on your skin, no matter how many times you use it.

  • close up shot of terry cloth towel on a smooth surface

    Trims and edges

    We knit our towels as a single piece, so there's no need for cutting or sewing. Finishing touches are part of the knitted design each towel comes out of the machine as a single finished product.

  • close up of edge of terry cloth towel

    Built-in loop for hanging

    This convenient and stylish loop is seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the towel, allowing you to easily hang it up after use. This not only helps to keep your bathroom neat and organized, but it also allows your towel to dry more quickly and thoroughly.

  • close up of terry cloth towel flapped edge showing the opposite side

    Differently textured sides

    On one side our towels have a soft terry cloth texture with absorbent qualities, and on the other side a grainy texture for various purposes, or just for changing moods.

  • flatbed knitting machine close up from above

    Zero waste towels

    Our towels are made out of just two to four continuous strands of yarn and come in all shapes and size. We don't produce them in bulk in advance which means, we don't produce more than necessary.

  • organic cotton yarn blue and brown on spool

    100% organic cotton

    We use high-quality GOTS-certified organic dyed cotton yarns.