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Worm Surf Poncho | Electric Blue

Worm Surf Poncho | Electric Blue

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Our surf ponchos are designed, manufactured and shipped from our workshop in Berlin, Germany. Made of 100% organic cotton yarns, this poncho has a terry outside and a smooth knitted inner. Both sides are moisture absorbing, so the poncho doubles as poncho and a towel for drying. The poncho features a hood, an optional belt and two spacious side pockets.

To make our surf poncho, we start by manufacturing the main part on our flat-bed knitting machine. This takes approximately 2 hours. Once the main part is ready, we knit the hood and the pockets separately. After the knitting process, no cutting and trimming required. We knit exact shapes in exact sizes we need, which means no precious cotton yarn is wasted. We bring the poncho parts to our sewing station, where the hood and pockets are attached. We then sew on our screen printed organic cotton label with care instructions. To bring the poncho into its final shape and texture, we wash it with a small amount of laundry detergent before hanging it out to air dry. Finally, the poncho is ironed and folded prior to shipment.

  • Made in Berlin
  • Style: FLAT
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