We turn yarn into towels.

We are Mariko and Roman, founders of Towel.Studio. Our knitting process creates nearly zero waste and our agile production plan is driven by each order being placed. This means we don’t purchase and stock towels in bulk. We knit each towel as it is ordered by our customers.

two people standing in front of stoll flatbed knitting machine yarn spools one holding towel fabric in textile factory
a person working with a stoll flatbed industrial knitting machine

Why we knit towels

Most towels are woven, which are done in mass quantities. We knit towels instead. Knitting requires more time to produce each item, but we’ve consciously decided to do it this way. Sustainability and shortening the supply chain are the great motivation of our business. We make most effort therefore to understand and execute the whole process in our own scope.

close up of terry cloth printed cotton label sewn attached

Attention to the details

Our knitted towels feature two textured sides: on one side we use a soft terrycloth texture with highly absorbent qualities, and on the other side a coarse-textured side for scrubbing in the case of our wash cloths, or to lay on the sand for our beach towels. Each towel has fine trimming and a loop for hanging. We play with harmony and contrast of bold colours combined with simple patterns inspired by traditional and modern textile crafts.

a person hanging sheet of towel fabric on hanger holding another towel

An extraordinary fabric

We developed knitted terry cloth fabric, which is soft, elastic and light weight compared to most towels and other terry products we know. Like other knitwear such as sweatshirts or socks, our towels wrap naturally around body, hair or anything to be wiped and dried.

stoll flatbed knitting machine operating stripe towel produced

Nearly zero-waste production

Creating fabric with a flat-bed-knitting-machine is a delightful process. This relatively small scale apparatus can produce a huge variety of textile products in near to the complete state. No additional waste-creating processes such as cutting or trimming are required.

industrial knitting machine in a workshop


Our in-house terrycloth knitting technique and manufacturing process is flexible, so it is possible to produce virtually endless variations of items in small batches, or even on demand.  We stock dyed yarn for our collection and knit each towel as it is ordered by our customers.

brick workshop building chimney background marzahn berlin

Made in Berlin

We design, improve and launch products in a single workshop in Berlin. We welcome visitors, drop in for a visit! Get in touch here.

Our Team

We are Software designer Roman and knitwear developer Mariko. During the lockdown in 2020, we started collaborating to expand the fields in which each of us were working on separately before. Soon it became clear that we want to share our excitement with the world, namely our appreciation of material and craftsmanship, combined with the advantages of “state of the art” technologies. Our goal is to build products, which inspires users to be mindful about values of objects surrounding them and the resources and efforts to put them together. Our process offers us many possibilities, but also problems to solve and keep us busy up to today.