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Pebbles Terry Hot Water Bottle | Pink & Chocolate | Large – 2,0 l

Pebbles Terry Hot Water Bottle | Pink & Chocolate | Large – 2,0 l

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The perfect accessory for winter: get cozy with our cuddly terry hot water bottle - the second product from the beautiful collaboration with Marion from the Berlin-based label Studio Bumbuli!

Our collaboration began in the summer of 2023. The resulting products not only reflect our shared passion for high-quality terry but also our commitment to sustainability and fascination with craftsmanship: the fabric for the hot water bottle covers is flat-knitted in Berlin on the knitting machine and then meticulously shaped by Studio Bumbuli by hand into the perfect form.

A natural rubber hot water bottle from the company Sänger GmbH is included with every order.

Soft terry, knitted in Berlin from pure organic cotton by

  • Hot water bottle cover hand-sewn
  • Large hot water bottle approx. 27×20cm (excluding neck)
  • Includes hot water bottle from Sänger GmbH made of natural rubber, color: cream
  • Made in Berlin
  • Style: FLAT
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